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Project Description
The PMU Connection Tester administered by the Grid Protection Alliance (GPA) verifies that a data stream from synchrophasor measurement device is being successfully received. The PMU connection tester supports the following phasor data protocols: IEEE C37.118 (Version 1/Draft 7, Draft 6), IEEE 1344, BPA PDCstream, SEL Fast Message, UTK FNET streaming data protocol, IEC 61850-90-5 and Macrodyne.

PMU Connection Tester

User can save "Connection Files" for individual device connections:
Connection Files.png

User can also save "Capture Files" for later playback and visualization:
Capture Files.png

These capture files may also be played back into the openPDC for conversion into other streaming protocols.

Click here to download binaries from nightly build. Nightly builds happen at midnight in the Eastern time zone each day so long as there was a code change checked into the solution that day. Use the nightly builds at your own risk as these builds will not have been tested for quality assurance.



BPA PDCstream FNET IEEE 1344 IEEE C37.118 IEC 61850-90-5 Macrodyne Phasor PMU Protocol Tester SEL Fast Message Synchrophasor Std

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